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  1. Pick the syde that will score the most fantasy points.

  2. Enter more matchups.

  3. Get paid cash if your syde wins.


  • Undoubtedly, fantasy sports have become an institution, embedded in daily culture. They are a fundamental part of how fans appreciate sports and interact among social circles. It's only natural to pit one team or player against another - wagering drinks, actions or even cash.

  • The catch is that season-long fantasy has a number of drawbacks ranging from a lengthy season, early bad picks, or grinders who kill the game from the get go - leaving players disinterested by the season's end.

  • Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) was borne to address these drawbacks. For the most part it has, and they captivate even the shortest attention span. But, despite this major benefit, conventional DFS has its own set of hassles -- complex, salary cap games, which require the drafting of full teams.

  • Fantasy grinders, who are proficient at this skill set, dominate, leaving no room for the casual player.

  • That's where Syde comes in. Syde (pronounced “side”) is DFS 2.0. It's built for the daily fan and removes the tedious element of building a team or filling positions. Instead, we provide pre-populated, easy-to-understand games. Bryce Harper or Mike Trout, Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers, Patrick Kane or Alexander Ovechken? Following basic fantasy rules, Syde mimics the more friendly competitions you and your friends probably already have.

  • How it works: Every day, Syde posts several matchups to the Syde app. Syde currently covers the NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB when in season. So, for NBA matchups, you might see LeBron James versus Steph Curry. For NFL matchups, you might see Adrian Peterson and Jamaal Charles versus Julio Jones and Dez Bryant. There are always two sydes: Syde 1 versus Syde 2. You pick the “syde” that you think will win (i.e., score the most fantasy points) before the countdown clock expires. If the syde you selected wins, you win.

  • Each Syde matchup has an entry fee (from $2 to $50+) and a corresponding payout amount that you receive if you win. For example, a game with a $5 entry fee has a $9 payout if you win. Best of all, Syde is fully legal, (check out our FAQ).



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