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*Users must be at least 18 years old to play and in a jurisdiction where fantasy sports are permitted (Check out our FAQ which includes details on the legality of Syde).

What is SYDE?

Syde is Daily Fantasy Sports 2.0. It's built for the daily fan. Syde removes the tedious element of building a team or filling positions and instead provides pre-populated, easy-to-understand games. Bryce Harper or Mike Trout, Tom Brady or Peyton Manning? Following basic fantasy rules, Syde mimics the more friendly game wagers that are had with friends. It's a DFS game that is playable by anybody on any day – covering NFL now with MLB, NHL, and NBA coming soon.

How it works: Everyday, Syde sends out a game (or a few games) via the app. Side A versus Side B. The user picks the side that they think will win – before the countdown clock expires – and wagers a simple denomination ($5 to win $9) on the pick. The side with the most fantasy points wins. Syde allows users to invite and challenge friends via social feeds.


  1. A Syde game includes the following parameters:
    1. Two or more fantasy athletes are pitted against one another forming two sides ("Syde") of the game. One side of the game may include any number of athletes, but most commonly it may include between 1 and 5 players. For instance, the 2 versus 2 game may have athletes P and Q versus athletes J and K. Accordingly, one side of the game is P and Q, and the other side is J and K. There is no requirement that the sides have an even number of athletes. There is also no requirement that each side has the same athlete positions represented. For example, a Syde football game may include 2 quarterbacks on one side and 2 running backs on the other side. A Syde basketball game may include 2 guards on one side and a center and a forward on the other side.
    2. A value of the game (also known as the entry fee), which is the amount it will cost each user to enter the game. This value will typically be presented in terms of currency. Unless otherwise noted, the value is presented in U.S. currency.
    3. A win amount (also referred to as the pay out), which is the amount a user will receive if they win the game. Unless otherwise noted, the win amount is presented in U.S. currency.
    4. Each game has one game entry fee and a corresponding pay out amount. These values cannot be changed.
    5. A transaction amount, which is the amount Syde will charge a user when they enter a game. Unless otherwise noted, the transaction amount is presented in U.S. currency.
    6. Game times, which include (i) when a user may enter a game; (ii) when the game is closed to entries; (iii) when the game begins; and (iv) when a game ends. Users should note which real-life sports games are involved in a Syde game. For example, in a Syde game, players A, B, and C may be playing in Monday night's game, while player D may be playing in Tuesday night's game.
  2. A user will only accrue points for one real-life game. The Syde game will identify the real-life game in which the fantasy athletes on each side will accrue points. Fantasy sports point rules are the basis for point accruals. The point system used by Syde can be found at


    • Overview

      • We award points to individual defensive players (IDP Scoring)
      • We use fractional points
      • We use negative points
    • Offensive Players

      • Passing Yards: 1 point per 25 yards
      • Passing Touchdowns: 4 points
      • Interceptions: -2 points
      • Rushing Yards: 1 point per 10 yards
      • Rushing Touchdowns: 6 points
      • Receiving Yards: 1 point per 10 yards
      • Receiving Touchdowns: 6 points
      • 2-Point Conversions: 2 points
      • Fumbles Lost: -2 points
      • Fumble Recovered for a Touchdown: 6 points
    • Team Defense / Special Teams

      • Sacks: 1 point
      • Interceptions: 2 points
      • Fumbles Recovered: 2 points
      • Safeties: 2 points
      • Defensive Touchdowns: 6 points
      • Kick and Punt Return Touchdowns: 6 points
      • 2-Point Conversion Returns: 2 points
      • Points Allowed (0): 10 points
      • Points Allowed (1-6): 7 points
      • Points Allowed (7-13): 4 points
      • Points Allowed (14-20): 1 points
      • Points Allowed (21-27): 0 points
      • Points Allowed (28-34): -1 points
      • Points Allowed (35+): -4 points
    • Individual Defensive Players

      • Solo Tackles: 1 point
      • Assisted Tackles: ½ point
      • Sacks: 2 points
      • Sack Yards: 1 point per 10 yards
      • Tackles For Loss: 1 point
      • Quarterback Hits: 1 point
      • Passes Defended: 1 point
      • Interceptions: 3 points
      • Fumbles Forced: 3 points
      • Fumbles Recovered: 3 points
      • Defensive Touchdowns: 6 points
      • 2-Point Conversion Returns: 2 points
    • Kicking

      • PAT Made: 1 point
      • FG Made (0-49 yards): 3 points
      • FG Made (50+ yards): 5 points


    • Overview

      • We use fractional points
      • We use negative points
    • All Players

      • Three Point Field Goals: 3 points
      • Two Point Field Goals: 2 points
      • Free Throws Made: 1 point
      • Rebounds: 1.2 points
      • Assists: 1.5 points
      • Blocked Shots: 2 points
      • Steals: 2 points
      • Turnovers: -1 points


    • Overview

      • We use fractional points
      • We use negative points
    • Skaters

      • Goals: 3 points
      • Assists: 2 points
      • Shots On Goal: 0.5 points
      • Plus/Minus: 1 point
      • Blocks: 0.5 points
      • Power Play Goals/Assists: 0.5 points
      • Short-Handed Goals/Assists: 0.5 points
      • Shootout Goals: 0.2 points
    • Goaltenders

      • Wins: 3 points
      • Goals Against: -1 points
      • Saves: 0.2 points
      • Shutouts: 2 points


    • Overview

      • We use fractional points
      • We use negative points
    • Hitting

      • Singles: 1 point
      • Doubles: 2 points
      • Triples: 3 points
      • Home Runs: 4 points
      • Runs: 1 point
      • Runs Batted In: 1 point
      • Walks: 1 point
      • Hit By Pitch: 1 point
      • Stolen Bases: 2 points
      • Caught Stealing: -1 point
    • Pitching

      • Wins: 4 points
      • Saves: 2 points
      • Innings Pitched: 1 point
      • Earned Runs Allowed: -1 point
  3. Syde will present users with one or more games per day. The game parameters will be dictated by Syde. Users cannot alter, reconfigure, or otherwise reconstitute the game parameters. Each game will have two sydes. Each syde will have a button allowing the user to select the syde.
  4. Each Syde game will have a posted deadline, which users must enter by. The default deadline will always be before the first real-life sports game involved in the Syde game. So, if Syde presents a game on Monday, and a fantasy athlete in the Syde game is scheduled to play at 7:30pm, the user would have until 7:29 pm to select their syde. Many Syde games may not include a real-life sports game on the same day the Syde game is presented. In such cases, the deadline to select a syde in that game will be 11:59pm. Once the deadline for a particular Syde game has passed, users will no longer be able to enter that Syde game.
  5. Syde game(s) will be initially provided on the Syde app (available currently for iOS; with web and android platforms to be released soon). Users may access such game(s) by using the app, or by following appropriate hyperlinks. Daily games will be showcased on Syde social media channels.
  6. To enter a game, users must credit their accounts using a credit card. All credit card transactions are secure by Stripe Security.
  7. Syde may provide a game cancellation period in which users may change their selected side or cancel the game. If cancelled, the user will not be entered into the game.
  8. Upon submitting an entry, and after the game cancellation period expires, the users account will be debited the transaction amount, and the users entry amount will be held by Syde until the game is reconciled.
  9. As with any fantasy game, an athlete's statistical performance will be converted to fantasy points (found at Syde users may not alter, reconfigure, or otherwise reconstitute any fantasy scores or performances. If there are questions and/or concerns regarding the calculation of fantasy points, please send an email to While we appreciate feedback and will make reasonable efforts to accommodate scoring changes, Syde reserves the right to calculate fantasy points in its discretion. 
  10. Within 24 hours of the last real-life event involved in the Syde game, Syde will reconcile/pay-out the Syde game.  Any winnings will be reflected in the winning user's account.
  11. Users may enter each Syde game only once. Users may enter as many Syde games as they wish.
  12. Syde games are released and made available prior to the real-life games involving the players. Accordingly, Syde games include players anticipated to play in the real-life games. However, a player may not play in the real-life game (e.g., for injury) or the real-life game may not occur (e.g., due to inclement weather). if a player in a Syde game does not play in the designated real-life game or the real-life game does not occur, the player will not accrue points. No changes or modifications will be made (e.g., the player in the Syde game will not be assigned to another game). Syde makes no representations and makes no assurances that players in a Syde game will actually play and/or accrue points in the real-life game specified in the Syde game. Users are encouraged to conduct their own diligence.
  13. Team(s) versus Team(s) game Rules

  14. Syde offers a Syde Team Game for NFL matchups only ("Team Game"). A Team Game involves the fantasy points accrued by all players on a professional sports team except certain excluded athletes. In a Team Game, Syde will present two sydes, each syde having one or more NFL professional team names. For example, NY Giants, NE Patiots versus WAS Redskins, NY Jets. The professional team name is used as a placeholder to represent a collection of skills athletes from each team, while excluding certain positions (meaning these excluded positions cannot accrue fantasy points). For example, NY Giants represents: all NY Giants quarterbacks, wide receivers, running backs, tight ends, special teams, and defensive players on the NY Giants roster. It intentionally excludes NY Giants offensive lineman. Even if an offensive lineman recovers a fumble and scores a touchdown, the lineman's yardage and touchdown will not count towards fantasy points.
    1. Team Games are not based on the outcome of real-life games. Team Games do not consider the score of the real-life games, or whether the real-life team actually won or lost.
    2. Team Games are a skill-based fantasy game. Team Games rely on the statistical performance of the skill athletes on the real-life teams displayed on the Syde game. The following athletes are included in the game (i.e., they accrue fantasy points and determine the outcome of the Syde game):
      1. Athletes included in Team Games:
        1. Athletes included in Team Games:
        2. All athletes designated as running backs (RB)
        3. All athletes designated as wide receivers (WR)
        4. All athletes designated as tight ends (TE)
        5. All athletes designated as kickers (K)
        6. All athletes designated as special defense (also known as “team special teams”)
        7. All athletes designated as defense (DEF) (also known as "team defense")
      2. Athletes explicitly not included in Team Games:
        1. Athletes included in Team Games:
        2. All Offensive Linemen (OL)
        3. All Punters (P)
    3. Note: Athletes not included in Team Games will not accrue points for any statistical performance (e.g., fumble recovery, TD reception, safety, etc.) in the Syde game.
    4. Syde games display the real-life team name(s) on each syde of the game. However, based on the above explanation, it is understood that this is merely shorthand for the skill athletes "included" and is equivalent to listing out the specific athletes.
    5. A Team Game may involve two real-life teams not playing each other in real-life.
    6. In some scenarios, the Team Game may involve two real-life teams playing in a particular week. However, the outcome of the real-life game will not be determinative of the Syde Team Game.